The Federation of University Sports of Kosovo, on 05 March 2020, starts with University leagues for all students of the Republic of Kosovo.

University leagues this year will be organized into these three sports such as: futsal for men, volleyball for girls, and ping-pong for both sexes.

The organization of competitions in these sports will last 3 months. The winning teams and second places from these three sports will be participants in the national finals in the state of Albania on June 7-11, 2020.

We invite you to form a team in these sports. The presentation time of the teams is 10 days, respectively until 27.02.2020. Submission of the participating team to be done via email to [email protected]

From your faculty should be selected the representative, the person who will be the contact and representative of the team. After the presentation of the teams, the representatives will be invited to a working meeting for the organization and progress of the competitions.

In the link below you can find the application for the participating teams of these leagues:

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