Universi College co-organizes the international scientific conference “Sport, Physical Activity and Health” in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

From 2-5, an international scientific conference “Sport, Physical Activity and Health” was planned to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and due to the pandemic, it was organized through the “zoom” video conference platform. Universi College was the co-organizer of this conference, which was attended by many scientists from around the world with over 40 countries. The staff of Universi College from the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation presented 5 papers in this conference, 2 of them oral presentations and 3 in the form of poster presentations.

1) O4 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BODY HEIGHT AND HAND LENGTH MEASUREMENTS OF BOTH GENDER ADOLESCENTS FROM REGION OF GJAKOVA IN KOSOVO Fitim Arifi1.2 , ²University of Tetova, Faculty of Physical Education, Tetovo, North Macedonia Correspondence: Fitim Arifi ([email protected])
2) O39 MANAGING PUBLIC MONEY FOR SPORTS ACTIVITIES IN KOSOVO Iber Alaj1,2, Enver Tahiraj¹, Fadil Luta¹, Sami Sermaxhaj¹ ¹Universi College, Faculty of Physical Culture Sport and Recreation, Prishtina, Kosovo, ²European University T Health of Kallos, Faculty Bosnia and Herzegovina Correspondence: Iber Alaj ([email protected])
3) P38 THE EFFECT OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE ACCORDING TO THE PROGRAM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF FLEXIBILITY IN THE MOTORIC ABILITIES OF YOUNG SOCCER PLAYERS Sami Sermaxhaj¹, Fadil Sport of Culture, University of Isuta, and Jeton Havolli¹ , 2Institute of Sports Anthropology, Prishtina, Kosovo Correspondence: Sami Sermaxhaj ([email protected])
4) P39 THROWING SPEED OF HANDBALL ACCORDING TO THE PLAYING POSITION Jeton Havolli¹, Primoz Pori², Sami Sermaxhaj¹, Bujar Begu¹ ¹Universi College, Faculty of Physical Culture, Sport and Recreation, Prishtina, Sportjana Ljublj, ,University of Ljubl. Correspondence: Jeton Havolli ([email protected])
5) P40 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BASKETBALL PLAYERS OF SUPER AND UNIQUE LEAGUE IN SITUATIONAL AND MOTOR ABILITIES AT KOSOVO JUNIORS Bujar Begu¹, Metin Dalip², Jetonate of University, University of Health, University of Kosovo, She Sherif Ilazi¹ ¹ North Macedonia Correspondence: Bujar Begu ([email protected])

Presentation Dubrovnik 2020 Arifi fitim

Poster presentation MSA 2020 sami sermaxhaj

The book of dubrovnik abstracts

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