Student Union

Student Union (hereinafter referred to as Union) is a student organization founded by Universi College students. The purpose of the Union is to well organize the student life.All Universi College students are eligible for membership in the Union. Members of the Union have the right to participate in all activities taking place in the Union.

The bodies of the Union are:
a. The Assembly of the Union
b. Student Council
c. The President of the Union
d. The Secretary of the Union.

The Assembly of the Union includes all the presidencies of the years and groups. The Assembly approves the Statute of the Union and votes for the President. The Union Assembly meets at least once a year (academic year). The Assembly shall be convened by the President of the Union at ordinary and extraordinary meetings when required by 51% of the Student Council members or 1/3 of the Union members. The Assembly demands an account of the activities of the Union Council and the President.

Besa Ramadani
President of the Students Union - 20/21

Student representatives in the decision-making bodies of Universi College – 20/21:

Students Position in Union Senate KU Ethics Committee Committee of Quality KSHM Sport KSHM Nursing
Besa Ramadani President of the US Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blerton Hamza Secretary of the US Yes
Shkurte Aliu Member Yes Yes
Endrit Llaloshi Member Yes Yes
Shpat Selimi Member Yes Yes
Erza Azemi Member Yes Yes