Universi College has a laboratory for sports medicine and physiotherapy where tests and research in sports medicine are performed and a laboratory for nursing in which laboratory practices are performed from different subjects.

Universi College possesses very good conditions for the teaching/learning process to take place. Consequently, the theoretical as well as the practical teaching occurs within the College’s campus. Teaching outside the campus occurs only in a few courses of the sports program and the clinical practice in the Nursing program. The existing infrastructural capacities of the College enable the normal running of the learning process for about 700 students per each academic year. The premises of the College are always clean, healthy and safe.
The College has 6 classrooms, 4 for lectures with 50 seats, one with 100 seats and another one with 80 seats; a library, a computer lab, a sports medicine and physiotherapy where various tests and researches are done related to sports and sports medicine. There is also the nursing lab, a cabinet with equipment for sportive matches analyses through computer and the sports hall which cover an area of 1800m2.
There is a computer or laptop and a video projector in each of the classes and there is a person in charge from the support staff who consistently offers logistical help for the students and the staff. For more specialized softwares, respective training were organized for the selected staff, who then transmit it to the students through teaching their course.
The library facility has sufficient literature, as well as enough spare for reading which can be unlimitedly used by the students for exam preparation, seminar work, etc.
In the shelves of the library, the literature has been organized based on the type of publication and based on the respective discipline in Albanian and in foreign language. Besides the hardcopy books and publications, the students have access also in the e-books within the internal electronic network for students management and electronic publications
College’s students and staff can have electronic access to E-books, the software owned by the College, where they can find the referenced material and other resources.