Online lectures begin

From March 25, we will start organizing lectures in electronic form for the following subjects:


first year – Diagnostic and therapeutic program – Behrije Halilaj Vishi

second year – Family planning – Minire Alilaj Beqiraj

third year – Research Methodology – Kadir Hyseni


first year – Cargo Physiology – Ervin Meqikukic

second year – research methodology and statistics – Fitim Arifi

third year – Organization in KF and Sport – Avdi Pireva

Lectures will be organized through, and relevant professors will send the link to access your College or personal emails.

If you can’t access these videos, you’ll need to open an email

The lecture schedule will be set by the professor and he will communicate it to you in your emails

Hoping to use this time in the best possible way, staying home will overcome this challenge as well.

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