Official of the quality office

The quality committee is composed of:
  • Rector;
  • Pro-rectors;
  • Deans;
  • General Secretary;
  • Quality Office Officer and
  • Student representatives
Njomza Sadriu
Official of the quality assurance officer

Qualifications and administrative responsibilities of the quality assurance officer

  1. The Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for official documents and College regulations regarding quality;
  2. Takes along with program managers with the design of the lesson schedule, exam schedule and holiday schedule;
  3. Monitors and records the progress of teaching, classes held and those not held;
  4. Monitors the organization and progress of exams;
  5. Takes care of etiquette code;
  6. Takes care of the implementation of curricula;
  7. Responsible for collecting syllabi-work plans by teachers;
  8. Creates Reports on the regularity and progress of the lesson according to the Syllabuses sent;
  9. Makes anonymous surveys with students and teachers;
  10. Creates Success Analysis Reports from each exam deadline;
  11. Monitors the maintenance of teachers’ offices and cabinets;
  12. The Office for Quality Assurance notifies employees of the ongoing quality control process;
  13. Takes care that the personal files of the employees are completed according to the requirements for the job they cover;
  14. Monitors the work of all administrative staff and reports on their work to the Secretary;
  15. Responsible for preparing all personnel reports.

Official of the quality assurance officer

Njomza Sadriu

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