Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives

The mission of Universe College is to create and develop sustainable knowledge through quality teaching and learning, where it is enriched with the application of theoretical knowledge in practice, encouraging students to pursue scientific research to form future professionals in the fields of health and sport.

The vision of Universe College is to be a model institution of excellence in higher education, a leader in the sustainable development of health and sports knowledge in Kosovo and in the region.

This vision aims to transform this institution into a center of cultivation of the best values ​​in order to train future professionals.

To achieve and accomplish its mission, Universe College continually improves the working and study conditions for both its students and its academic staff by expanding its infrastructure capacity always in line with the specifics of the programs it offers. A great help in this regard is the work and experience of the managerial and academic staff, who with their multidisciplinary experience provide the most advanced courses and curricula in our country which are constantly reformed in full compliance with the curricula of the most renowned European universities. .

The Strategic Objectives of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026 are:

1. Quality learning;
2. Student in the spotlight;
3. Scientific research;
4. Cooperation;
5. Infrastructure and financial capacities.