“Universi” College as a private institution of higher education was established on 15 February 2005 at the time it was named the Universi College for Sport Education “Eurosporti”.

In the first three years of its operation the only study program was the sports education program. In 2008 at the request of MEST we signed a cooperation agreement with “Iliria” College. After a two-year collaboration (2008-2010) with the College “Iliria”, the management of our College in its Board meeting on 15.10.2010 decides that the College “Eurosporti” will be transformed into a higher education institution named “Universe”. “In order to include new study programs in addition to sports education. College “Universi” has only one campus located on the third kilometer of the Prishtina-Podujeva Highway, exactly in the village of Bardhosh, Prishtina.

The name of the institution is defined by the Statute of the College and in Albanian it is Universi College while in English it is Universi College.

Universe College was founded as a need of the time in the time of the transitional period our country was going through, not only politically but also in other spheres: administrative, educational and social. Although limited in capacity, our College made a significant contribution as an initiator in the opening up of private higher education institutions, so to meet the demands of Higher Education and the labor market, these increased demands of the youth of the people of Kosovo. and the region to study in this direction, at a time when the only public University failed to absorb all the demands in these directions.