Health and sport (Master)

The Health and Sport study program at the master’s level has been accredited in the period 2013-2016. In this period of accreditation, the 2-years system was applied.
Upon completion of this program of study, students will have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge on the culture, history, development and application of the medical science in interaction with sport. They will be able to use the tools and will be familiar with the forms of exercise of sports activities in certain social and economic conditions; and they will be able to appreciate the contribution and importance of sports educational activities in health.
Throughout the MA study period, students will have the most advanced methods of study; where interactivity is a fundamental part consisting of discussion sessions, group work, seminars, and external lectures by renowned experts and athletes.
In order to get awarded the title Master in Health and Sport program, students at the end of their studies have to conduct a research/paper under the supervision of a professor (mentor) and present it publicly to a panel of professors who will evaluate the student’s work.