Basic studies – Bachelor

In order to get admitted in any of the study programs of the 6th level – Bachelor, the candidate should have successfully passed the National Test or to have another diploma (of high school) gained abroad, evaluated by MEST to be equivalent with the ones that students get in Kosovo after completing High School. Or, to possess a diploma issued by Kosovo’s institutions before applying for the National Test.
Universi College announces the admission criteria and the way how the entrance program is organized. For the Nursing Program, the entrance exam is organized in Biology and Chemistry. While for the Physical Culture, Sports and Recreation program, all the sports are included: (100m running, agility test T-test, long jump, movement coordination, bar Pull ups, swimming, acrobatics, football, handball, volleyball and basketball). Responsibilities and assessment criteria for young students, such as the highest grade point average, as provided by the AI 13/2018 are public on the College website. The successful candidates, who have been publicly announced, have the right to attend their studies in the College in the respective academic year if they have been registered within the timelines announced beforehand.

In order to get registered to the 6th level, the student has to submit the following documents:
• The Diploma for High School competition and the receipt for the National Test (original or a copy verified by the notary)
• Birth Certificate
• A picture with 4×5 dimensions
• Medical report, and
• The receipt for fee payment to register in the College