Basic studies – Bachelor

For admission to a level six study program – Bachelor, a candidate must have successfully completed the Matura exam, or possess a foreign study degree, assessed by MEST to be equivalent to Matura exam, or possess a diploma issued by the Kosovo institutions prior to application of Matura exam.
UC announces admissions criteria, the organization of entrance examination, responsibilities and evaluation criteria for new students, at least three months prior to scheduled annual admission to the institution.
Candidates that have gained the right to be admitted to the study programs, have to enroll into College within the publicly given UC timeframe.
To be enrolled in the level of six in UC student submits the required documentation, which consistsof:
  1. Diploma of high school completion and certification of Matura exam (original or notary certified copy),
  2. Birth Certificate,
  3. Photo Identification Document,
  4. Two personal photos with dimensions 4×5,
  5. Medical report, and Receipt of payment of financial obligations for registration in UC.

The student must make payment of annual tuition for the current academic year before the start of the study, or to sign the contract of continuing studies with contracted form of payment. In case of default the student loses the right to enter the exams, and participate in the learning process.
UC gives student identification document and its unique number. Student loses his status as a student when he/she graduates, when withdraws from the College without completion of studies, or when he/she is expelled from the UC.