Universi College, through the Alumni Association, aims to put its graduates in the flow of different relevant information about them, including various employment opportunities, various gatherings where former Universi College students are connected, etc.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (UC) focuses on the professional well-being of individuals who have completed their studies at UC and their interconnection, then the transmission of ideas, initiatives, innovations, collaborations between each other which are more than necessary after the process of graduation and especially when dealing with the job market.
Members of the UC Association will provide information, career advice and support in the professional training of other graduates and current students. The Alumni Association of UC brings together all our graduates from all levels and programs offered at Universi College. All this with the aim of making the connection of all generations of graduates in UC, and thus to maintain continuous cooperation and the establishment of connections between graduates, teachers and potential employers.

The following will be achieved through the Alumni Association
• Connecting of former UC students through various gatherings
• Creating a database of graduates to enable their penetration into the labor market
• Connecting Alumni with current students as well as with College staff
• Organizing various activities for the advancement of Alumni students
• Strengthening the reputation of the Universi College through the performance and reputation of Alumni students
• Cooperation of the College with companies and institutions in which former students of Universi College are engaged.
• Participation in various scientific projects.

Being part of the association you will be informed about innovations in the academic world, you will be informed about employment opportunities, you will expand collaborations with people who have completed their studies and are employed both in the country and in the diaspora. You will be able to get information about the challenges that others have encountered during employment, etc.

Therefore being part of the Alumni network:
• You have the opportunity to present your work to other Alumni and students of UC.
• You can exchange information about career development opportunities.
• You become an active part of social, educational and cultural life.
• Become part of Universi College projects.
To become a member of the Alumni Association of Universi College you must have completed your studies in one of the programs offered.

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You are the mirror of the University College, you are our image as well as our past and future.
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Universi College & Alumni Association

The University College Alumni is an organization in which all graduates of this college gather. The purpose of this organization is to maintain contacts during studies between students, as well as between students and professors.

The Alumni Association is an accurate address for anyone who thinks they can contribute to the further development of UNIVERSI College. Therefore, any such person is welcome to make this contribution.

[email protected]

The BPrAL Universe has dedicated a special space to and continues to dedicate to graduate students (alumni). The student office as well as the professional orientation office maintains constant contact with these students. This cooperation has presented an advantage to the College by providing updated information regarding market demands and better use of the College’s resources.

The University College Alumni is an organization in which all graduates of this college gather. The purpose of this organization is to maintain contacts during studies between students, as well as between students and professors.

Alumni of Universi College organizes various cultural, educational, research and sports events.

The staff from Universi College, Egzon Shala qualifies in LO “Tokyo 2020”

The Kosovo Wrestling Federation has announced that it has received confirmation from the World Wrestling Federation. Egzon Shala competes in the 125kg freestyle category.

“I feel very good, but I would feel better if I won the race. I was near the entrance to the medal area. It’s a very good feeling. My dream has come true “, said Shala for the official website of the Kosovo Olympic Committee. “No one expected that Kosovo would win an Olympic norm in the strongest wrestling category, as this is the heaviest weight in wrestling and many strong countries remain without a norm. He will not only go to Tokyo to participate, he will travel to win medals.
Tokyo Olympics 2020


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