Fadil Luta
General Secretary

General Secretary

Fadil Luta (1974) completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law as well as his Master’s Degree in the Physical Education Program in Sports and Recreation.

Luta has been the Secretary General of the University since 2006.

Luta has been re-elected as the Secretary of the Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo for his second term after the successful completion of the previous term of 2014-2018. For his tireless work he has been selected sports worker of the year in 5 of the 6 years of his work as general secretary of the table tennis federation.

He has completed Level I for International Table Tennis Coach, and is second out of 4 people who have completed Level II for International Table Tennis Coach, with the right to apply for Level III.

Luta has completed the course for table tennis administrator organized online by ITTF, the first from Kosovo and the fifth in the world. He also completed the course for administrator organized by KOK.

He is fluent in English and Serbo-Croatian. He is married and the father of four children.

Fadil luta

[email protected]

Cel: +383 (0) 44 17 05 86

Njomza Sadriu
Official of the quality assurance officer

Qualifications and administrative responsibilities of the quality assurance officer

  1. The Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for official documents and College regulations regarding quality;
  2. Takes along with program managers with the design of the lesson schedule, exam schedule and holiday schedule;
  3. Monitors and records the progress of teaching, classes held and those not held;
  4. Monitors the organization and progress of exams;
  5. Takes care of etiquette code;
  6. Takes care of the implementation of curricula;
  7. Responsible for collecting syllabi-work plans by teachers;
  8. Creates Reports on the regularity and progress of the lesson according to the Syllabuses sent;
  9. Makes anonymous surveys with students and teachers;
  10. Creates Success Analysis Reports from each exam deadline;
  11. Monitors the maintenance of teachers’ offices and cabinets;
  12. The Office for Quality Assurance notifies employees of the ongoing quality control process;
  13. Takes care that the personal files of the employees are completed according to the requirements for the job they cover;
  14. Monitors the work of all administrative staff and reports on their work to the Secretary;
  15. Responsible for preparing all personnel reports.

Official of the quality assurance officer

Njomza Sadriu

[email protected]

Afërdita Pllana
Finance Officer

The duties and administrative responsibilities of the finance officer


Finance Officer

Afërdita Pllana

[email protected]

Fatlum Grisholli

Jobs and administrative responsibilities of the career officer



Career Officer

[email protected]

Tel: +381 (0)38 54 54 00

Cel: +383(0)49 22 04 77

Suzana Rrapi
Officer for Alumni Office

Administrative officer’s duties and responsibilities for Alumni


Officer for Alumni,

Suzana Rrapi

s[email protected]

Tel: +381 (0) 38 54 54 00

Suzana Rrapi & Fatlum Grisholli
Student Affairs Officer

Student Affairs Office

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Student Service Prosperity;
  • Reception and orientation of the parties, telephone notification, control, sewerage and communication with the official e-mail of the College [email protected];
  • Distribution of lecture materials in cooperation with the Heads of Departments;
  • Contact person with Professors with the beginning of the semester and provides assistance to each professor with the beginning of the semester (syllabi, rules of College procedures, etc.);
  • Organize, manage and maintain correspondence with students and Professors regarding exams, teaching schedule and other announcements;
  • Lectures – communication with the professor in case of possible absences and those responsible for replacing the classes in case of absences of professors;
  • Keeping records of lectures, exercises, consultations (printing of lists – their classification and archiving);
  • Contact person with professor for continuous academic process;
  • Provide logistical support in relation to various organizations;
  • Assistance in the process of enrolling students and creating, systematizing and keeping their data secret
  • Record daily documents in protocol
  • Assistance in organizing conferences;
  • Participate in the preparation of self-assessment reports, journals, brochures and other materials;
  • Further acceptance and processing of student and professor requirements and materials;
  • Preparation of materials necessary for informing students and academic staff;
  • Student and academic staff information;
  • Compilation of reports and keeping various records on issues of their administrative work;
  • Documentation, systematization and archiving of various documents and documents;
  • Assist the Quality Office Officer;
  • Maintain and maintain daily documentation;
  • Performing other duties assigned to him by the Secretary of the College;
    Identifying library books, lending books to students and selling them.
    Develops and implements various student recruitment campaigns, and public relations management;
  • Promotional support for officials who deal directly with the promotion of the College;
  • Drafts strategy for marketing, communication and public relations;
  • Develops and implements a campaign to recruit new students;
  • Works closely with the company selected in campaign design;
  • Develops new initiatives and projects with different companies and institutions;
  • Undertakes initiatives to enhance the image of the College;
  • Organizes public events such as lectures, debates, various conferences;
  • Takes care of the social networks of Universi College

Fatlum Grisholli

[email protected]

Tel: +381 (0)38 54 54 00

Cel: +383(0)49 22 04 77

Suzana Rrapi

[email protected]

Tel: +381 (0)38 54 54 00

Fatmir Havolli
Sport's Hall Officer

Sports hall service

  • Supervises the cleaning of the hall and tribunes continuously;
  • During the lesson he offers the necessary equipment for teaching and after the end of the lesson he returns the equipment and if there are any damages he must keep the evidence and report it to the person in charge). Any non-reporting of damages will be punished by a penalty;
  • Make sure the hall is in order and clean at the start and end of working hours;
  • Maintains green spaces in front of the building, takes care of the generator, fitness room and sports medicine halls;
  • Supervises the object whether it is in order and whether something has been damaged;
  • We must follow all the movements and parties that come to our institution;
  • General cleaning of the hall and tribune every two weeks
  • Performing other duties assigned to him by the Secretary of the College.

Fatmir Havolli
[email protected]

Cel: +383(0)44 79 18 68

Phd. Cand. Jeton Havolli2
Jeton Havolli, PhD Can
Sports measurement services

Sports measurement services

Universi College is a serious and dedicated institution that with its quality work helps athletes to achieve the best sports performance, as it is the number one institution in the field of diagnosing athletes. Universi College in addition to providing studies for interested students, It also offers the opportunity to perform diagnostic tests of athletes with the most modern equipment in the field. opportunity to do all this in the most professional way, with the local and international staff of Universi College. Medical, functional and motor tests are a basic prerequisite to ascertain the current condition of the athlete and based on the results obtained, the most accurate design is possible. of the eventual training or recovery plan. Through the tests, the level of health condition is confirmed, the level of motor skills is confirmed, and eventual weaknesses are revealed, thus enabling adequate and timely intervention to improve them in order to achieve a culminating performance for racing.

Tests performed by our professors:
1. Determining body content with In-Body
2. Dynamic Ergospirometry
3. Sports Cardiology Examination – ECG
4. Biodex Balance System Balance Test
5. Lactate-free durability testing with HP Cosmos Treadmill
6. Various tests with new test system
7. Isokinetic Diagnosis with Biodex

Testing for experts from Croatia and Macedonia (no discount)

1 Lactate resistant test with HP Cosmos Treadmill (one test)
2 Gas pipeline testingJeton Havolli, PhD Can.

[email protected]

Cel: +383(0)44 35 90 16

Fadil Grisholli
IT Officer

IT Office

  • Throughout the College there are 40 computers and laptops for both staff and students who are available 24 hours a day, equipped with internet and related software. All electronic devices are calibrated periodically in order to be available and accessible to the learning process, but can also be calibrated based on requirements.

Fadil Grisholli

[email protected]

Cel: +383 (0) 49 61 47 93

Fatlum Grisholli
Officer of the library

Service of the library

  • The library space contains a sufficient number of literature, as well as enough space for reading which students can use without restriction (24 h) to prepare for the exam, seminar papers, etc. On the shelves of the library the literature is arranged according to the type. publications and according to the relevant disciplines in the mother tongue and in foreign languages. In addition to printed books and publications, students also have access to e-books in the internal network for student management and electronic publications. Our library, this year, as part of the activity provided for improving the quality of teaching (Follow up) , currently has about 2000 titles of books in Albanian and English for sports, medicine and rehabilitation.
    Fatlum Grisholli
    [email protected]
    Tel: +381 (0)38 54 54 00 Cel: +383(0)49 22 04 77
Emire Havolli
Student - practical demonstrator


[email protected]